"We went for Microsoft's Windows 8 and Surface. This solution integrated seamlessly with our technology infrastructure providing security and data confidentiality, and we've had a really positive experiencing using it."

Carlos Alves, IT Manager Sogrape

Logotipo ,


"I congratulate DevScope once again for their valuable apport in this whole process, and this high level of quality in everything they do"

Logotipo Rui Claro, Hipogest Group's CIO


"We’ve chosen the SharePoint solution by its capabilities of integrating in the application architecture that we already had, and by the simple use that it would bring to the users".
"DevScope, who has been with Casais since the first phase, showed the ingenuity and audacity necessary in the search and implementation of best alternatives and solutions"

Logotipo Guilherme Teixeira, Casais’s CIO


"The synergies with Exchange 2007 are obvious and we have noticed an immediate increase of productivity and flexibility on the remote access of our employees that worked away from the company." 

Logotipo Carlos Alves, responsible for Sogrape’s IS Department


"One of the highlighted components of the SharePoint based portal, is the indicator of Strategic Map Six Sigma, based on the Microsoft SQL Server 2005 platform of data, also developed by DevScope." 

Logotipo António Carlos Almeida, Chamartín’s Human Resources and Organizational Development Director


"It always has existed a manual of procedures, which is fundamental in the way that all agencies work, but now we also have a software tool that implements this manual in a global and uniform way”.
" DevScope proved to be a partner that understood the range of the project and assumed with us the division of the risk" Logotipo Paula Mendes and Rui Oliveira, responsible for CASAX’s and MAXFINANCE’s IT Department