Software as a Service (SaaS) is becoming part of our daily options and more and more we, as customers, get tempted to start outsourcing those parts of our IT that won't differentiate us from competition. Chances are that many other companies are already doing it and saving time and money while reducing risk of downtime.

Our team has been helping our partners developing systems for self-service, provisioning and billing of such services. Sometimes even managing ourselves some of these early betas versions of the new multi-tenant environments like for example MS CRM 4.0 (codename "Titan"), Azure or Sharepoint 2010 (Office "fourteen"). Our unique team of recognized Mentors has become a guarantee for many of our partners, and those shared experiences have built an incredible knowledge base we believe will help many others in the future too.

We have been since the beginning consumers of "shared" services whenever possible, and that experience has influenced us in such a way that we end up advocating many other similar options to our customers too.

If your team, project or product needs a boost adopting new agile methodologies, the latest Microsoft servers/platforms, or the new cloud infrastructure services, please contact us, comment our blogs, or join us in one of our many presences in industry events.