PowerBI Robots

PowerBI Robots automatically takes screenshots of your Microsoft Power BI dashboards and reports and sends them anywhere you want. 

Just tell PowerBI Robots when and where you want your data, and it will take care of delivering it on time.

PowerBI Tiles Pro

Embed up-to-date Power BI visuals into your MS PowerPoint and MS Word documents, and also into MS Outlook messages directly.

Save time and refresh PowerBI visuals anytime you want to update data in your presentations or word document.

PowerBI SmartPivot

Unlock your Excel PivotTables potential

PowerBI SmartPivot is a powerful toolkit for Microsoft Excel that enables you to do more with PivotTables with much less effort.

Gantt Chart for Excel

Single click gantt chart views app for Excel.  Instant gantt charts insights for your Excel data. 

Excel Gantt charts in seconds! Useful for project management or process monitoring. *Free Download*



SmartCharts - Instant analytic charts for Excel

Single click analytic views & data discovery app for Excel.  Instant analytic charts & data insights for your Excel data. 

No modelling necessary, just point to any Excel table to see what stories your data can tell you.



SmartDocumentor - Intelligent data and document capture

SmartDocumentor allows intelligent capture of information from your documents. The data capture follows the highest standards protocols like OCR (for printed text recognition), OMR (for marks recognition) and even ICR (for hand-printed text recognition).

With SmartDocumentor you can automate and accelerate processing of various documents types, by classifying them, extracting valuable data and deliver them together with source images or searchable PDFs into business applications or archive.