PowerBI SmartPivot


 Unlock your Excel PivotTable potencial

PowerBI SmartPivot is a powerful toolkit for Microsoft Excel that enables you to do more with PivotTables with much less effort.



Connect all your data to Excel

Instantly connect Excel to Power BI (desktop & online) and Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) data cubes using QuickConnect. All connections are automatically saved, so all you have to do is hit refresh to get everything up to date.

Search for any value on all your data

Find exactly what you want regardless of how complex your PivotTables are. PowerBI SmartPivot's search functions instantly scan all data content on your analytical model and allows you to add any values found this way to the location of your choice.

Filter your PivotTables by a list of values - and save those filters

Apply filter values to a report in bulk and stop individually checking each box in the filter pane. Instead, simply paste the entire list of values in the slicer visual to filter by exactly what you wish. You can save the filters you've set in order to use them later.

Create granular table reports from OLAP data cubes

Create highly detailed and faster table reports from your PivotTables in Excel.

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SmartPivot Requirements

  • Analysis Services Cubes, Power BI or PowerPivot Models
  • Excel 2013 or higher

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