SmartDocumentor - Intelligent data and document capture

SmartDocumentor provides a single capture platform that can meet all the needs of an organization: document scanning and import, forms processing, data capture, OCR/ICR, data extraction and the ability to integrate the information into you back-end system, like SharePoint, SQL Server, ERP or CRM.

SmartDocumentor relies its process management on 4 major areas:

  • Scan - scanning documents of several formats and over central or remote locations
  • Process - using advanced algorithms to analyze and process documents that allows classification of documents and data extraction with high confidence.
  • Review - the review process of validating data which is gathered.
  • Integration - allows the integration of metadata with other information systems.

Windows 10 Support

SmartDocumentor is supported by DevScope on the following editions of Windows 10: Windows 10 Pro, Windows 10 Education, and/or Windows 10 Enterprise

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