SmartPivot - Business Intelligence Add-In for Excel

SmartPivot is a Microsoft Office Excel add-on that will allow you to get more value from your pivot tables data, in a fraction of the time and with less effort. 

For Olap Cubes/Analysis Services & PowerPivot.  Compatible with Excel 2007,2010 & 2013.


"Probably been one of the most useful things we’ve ever bought!" - Michael Wolman, WinTechnologies


Would you like to search Excel Cubes, PowerPivot & PivotTables like you search Google? Or Filter items in PivotTables by a list of values ?

Now featuring *Instant Full Text Search* over all your cubes & power pivot business data & *Filter By List*.

SmartPivot Ribbon

With SmartPivot you will:

  • Instant Text-Searching into business data
  • Filter PivotTables by List of values quickly
  • Create dashboards instantaneously
  • Make links between pivot table filters
  • Create granular table reports
  • Improve your analytical skills with Excel pivot tables


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What you will get with SmartPivot?

Filter by List

Search Field

Filter by list allows you to filter pivot table hierarchies with a list of names:

Search Field
Search Field


Search Ribbon

With Search you take Excel pivot tables usage to a whole new usability level, its just select a pivot table and click Search...

Then a excel pane will open and you can instantly search on your pivot table metadata (measures/hierarchies):

Search Metadata

But the real usage of Search is on data (dimension members), for that SmartPivot will make a local cache of all your pivot table data allowing you also to instantly search on anything and automatically add it to the pivot table:

Search Data

This makes exploring the data much easier for end users, as they usually know the data very well (but not always the cube concepts of measures, dimensions, attributes and others). They can start their own model discovery.

Search Field

Search Field

Search Field allows you to search on pivot table metadata (measures and hierarchies) and quickly apply them on the desired location:

Search Field Dialog

Search Field Apply

Quick Connect

Quick Connect Ribbon

Quick Connect allows you to easily connect to OLAP and Tabular instances and automatically saves your last connections.

Quick Connect Dialog

Toggle Fields

Search Field

Toggle Fields automatically expand/collapse the pivot table fields on the panes associated with the pivot table:

Search Field

Note: The Pivot Table Fields pane only works on Excel 2010

Synchronize Filters

Synchronize Filters

Synchronize Filters allows you to sync the filters between two or more pivot tables.

As an example take this pivot tables: Synchronize Filters Sample Pivot Tables

With Synchronize Filters you can filter pivottable1 and apply that change to the other pivots:
Synchronize Filters Dialog
Synchronize Filters Apply

If you check "Enable Automatic Synchronization" on the dialog when you change the filter on PivotTable1 the changes are applied automatically on PivotTable2 and PivotTable3: Synchronize Filters AutoSync

Detail Value By

Detail by

With Detail Value By you can select a pivot table cell value and explore further with a new pivot table (the original pivot is preserved)

As an example if I have a pivot table with the distribution of sales over geography and want to analyse sales of California on 2007 I could just click on the cell and then on "Detail Value By":

Detail by original pivot

You will be asked to select the fields you want to detail by and then a new pivot will be created ready to explore:

Detail by select fields

Detail by result

Create Dashboard

Create Dashboard

With Create Dashboard you can quickly create a dashboard using pivot tables with a common filter.

Just click on Create Dashboard, connect to a cube:

Create Dashboard connect

Select the Filters and apply:

Create Dashboard select filters

An empty dashboard will be created with a filter zone that filter all its elements:

Create Dashboard empty

Now its just customize as you wish each pivot chart, like this:

Create Dashboard result

Note: When you change the filters all the pivot charts are automatically refreshed

Add Connected Chart

Add Connected Chart

Add Connected Chart allows you to link a pivot table to a new (independent) pivot charts, allowing you to create multiple charts (dashboard) filtered by the same pivot table filters.

Create a new pivot table with filters (only) and click Add Connected Chart to create the pivot charts:

Add Connected Chart pivot table

Add Connected Chart Result

Show Chart Data

Show Chart Data

Shows the pivot table behind a pivot chart, very useful when the pivot table of the pivot chart is in another worksheet:

Show Chart Data chart

Show Chart Data pivot

Add Table Report

Add Table Report

Create granular table reports from OLAP pivot tables.

Create a pivot table, define some filters, click Add Table Report and select the desired report columns:

Add Table Report select columns

A new table report will be created:

Add Table Report result

Note: The pivot table filters are linked to the pivot table

Pivot Information

Pivot Information

Pivot Information shows you relevant information about a pivot table, like:

  • The MDX statement
  • Last refresh date
  • PivotTable version

Pivot Information Dialog MDX
Pivot Information Dialog Info

Copy & Paste Value

Pivot Information

Copy & Paste allows you to copy a value from a pivot table and paste it anywhere in the workbook, but the pasted value is refreshable when the workbook data is refreshed.


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SmartPivot Requirements


New in version 2.38

March, 3, 2014 

  • Measure Group/Table Filter in search pane
  • Improved field selection on Table Reports
  • Bug fix in Filter Tools & Filter by List
  • Release notes

New in version 2.36

November, 18, 2013 

  • Improvements in Quick Filters/Saved Filters feature
  • Bug fix in SmartSearch when selecting fields
  • Bug fix that could cause SmartSearch to crash if ADOMD client was not installed
  • Office 2007 PIAs now included in setup zip

New in version 2.34

July, 23, 2013


  • *new* Quick Filters/Saved Filters feature!
  • Filter by List features Improvements (usability, pick from range)
  • Bug fix for table report & measures with undefined measure group


New in version 2.33

March, 6, 2013

  • Bug fix when building the search cache for large hierarchies
  • You can now connect directly using the search option
  • Search & parent child hierarchies bug fixes and other fast search performance improvements.
  • Ribbon Tooltips review

New in version 2.31

  • QuickConnect with PowerPivot/Data Model local connections
  • Fast search improvements & bug fixing for parent-child hierarchies

New in version 2.3

  • QuickConnect with recent connection list
  • Automatic search cache index for local/remote cubes and PowerPivot


New in version 2.2

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